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四柱推命・九星気学 占い付き日めくりカレンダー 無料アプリ
四柱推命・九星気学 占い付き日めくりカレンダー 無料アプリ
四柱推命・九星気学 占い付き日めくりカレンダー 無料アプリ

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Do want to know today is a good day or a bad day ?

This app tell your today's luck level with message which based on Feng-Shui(combination of Four-pillar of fortune and Nine Star Astrology).

Judging level with 9 steps : Great blessing, Middle blessing, Small blessing, Blessing, Calm, Small curse, Curse, Half-curse, Great curse

You can see fortune immediately as soon as you input your birthdate. Since the total combination is tens of millions of patterns or more, it will be your own fortunate biorhythm.

Because it is a daily calendar, you can check the fortune of the future of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow as well. If you want to know the fortune of one day after a few months, you can also fly and watch a few months ahead on a monthly calendar.

  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly Luck supported

    Setting your birthdate, you can see the luck of that date.

  • Old Calendar View

    Heavenly/Eeathly Stem and also Nine Star supported

  • Calendar

    easy to check your future fortune

  • Notification

    For the person who often forget to check it, notification available


free feng shui calendar app

First You'll see "Birthdate Setting" like a left screen at First Launch. If you input your birthdate correct, dialog disappeared and you're ready to see the daily luck.

free feng shui calendar app

Like a Rip-off Calendar, swipe up to see next day and swipe down to see previous day. Tap of three band of old calendar and nine star, you'll see each daily, monthly, yearly luck respectively.

free feng shui calendar app

Each of the luck result is based on Chinese four pillar and Japanese nine star fortune method. If luck text is too long to display scroll them to see all.

free feng shui calendar app

It has menu on the upper-left corner, you can view monthly calendar by clicking calendar menu. Go future date or past date and clicked somewhere on day you can jump to the selected day.

NOTICE: Please be sure that the luck result is not guaranteed. It's only likely to occur by the fortune cycle. Please use it for your information.AMETUCHI